Showroom updated final 2.png

Crypt Agency


Collaborative project involving designing the branding, assets and web-design for Crypt Agency.


With the mass adoption of the internet by various creative industries, it’s now easier than ever to have your work stolen and profited from. Crypt Agency tries to combat this by representing young creatives and protecting their intellectual property through the use of blockchain encryption technology and an in-house legal team.


My involvement in the project consisted of building up the branding, creating a custom typeface and outlining how a private site for the Crypt representatives would function. The purpose here was to create a private digital space that does feel tangible, and would allow easy access to legal advice from the Crypt intellectual property specialists.



Lydia Jones-Parry → Art Direction and Management

Jamie Seechurn  →  Image Making and Assembly


Imagery used for Showroom:

Abbie Doorman Georgia Harrison Jane Catterson
Erin Jones Oskar Walin Harry Wakefield